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    • (300601)


      A leading vaccine developer in China
    • (300639)


      A medical device company specializing in cervical cancer screening
    • Ribo Bio

      A leading siRNA drug R&D company
    • Shenogen

      A leading biotech company for multiple neoplasm
    • Apollomics

      An innovative biopharmaceutical company committed to the discovery and development of oncology combination therapies.

      a clinical-stage biotechnology company focusing on cutting-edge therapies in oncology and immunology
    • Virogin

      A global, best- in-class oncolytic virus company
    • Nuprobe

      A molecular diagnosis and genome sequencing company develops ultra-sensitive and highly multiplexed assays
    • Kingstron Bio

      A high-end medical device research and development enterprise for structural heart disease
    • A tumor microenvironment-responsive drug R&D platform


      A tumor microenvironment-responsive drug R&D platform
    • Cothera

      An innovation-oriented pharmaceutical company committed to cancer drug discovery and individualized cancer medicine
    • ABM

      A R&D company focusing on BBB crossing targeted drugs
    • 3N tech

      A medical devices company care Ophthalmology corneal contact lens
    • L&L Vision biopharmaceuticals

      A biotech start-up developing bi-specific antibodies for cancer immunotherapy

      A leading sequencing company for diagnosis of genetic disorders
    • YZY Biopharma

      A connecting BI-specific antibodies drug R&D platform
    • Hybribio Medical Inspection

      A third-party inspection chain specializing in women's and children's disease
    • JingDu Children's Hospital

      The third largest children's specialized hospital
    • ATKC

      A medical devices company focus on the Tumor Treating Fields

      A intellect ecg SAAS platform

      A leading industry-wide third-party service provider for medical devices
    • 透彻影像

      Thorough Images

      Pathological AI diagnosis enterprise
    • innoforce

      a CDMO enterprise focus on cell and gene therapy
    • Digi Codon

      Digi Codon

      A DNA data storage technology development platform
    • Pana

      A engineering bacteria development and delivery platform

    Data Intelligence

    • (688696)


      The leading stock of smart projector sector in china
    • Chipanalog

      A leading innovative enterprises in the field of high-end analog chips
    • RuiYun cold chain

      A cold chain logistics service B2B platform
    • YESMRO

      An E-Commerce company supplying MRO products for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises
    • Passiontec

      A SAAS service platform focus on the catering sector

      eVOTL and a overall solution provider for Aerial Robotics

      A 3D Machine Vision company providing product & service
    • Ziyun tech

      A Industrial Internet company providing total solution
    • IRis

      A Intelligence Data Platform in Automotive retail
    • Common rail system' family

      A intelligent diagnostic equipment R&D company for commercial vehicle
    • Happy Cycle

      A new retail provider of fitness services
    • XIGUANG tech

      A third-party service provider providing intelligent content generation and personalized recommendation engine services

      AI defect detection solution provider
    • ELE007

      Internet platform for packaging and printing industry
    • PPIO

      a leading edge cloud provider
    • DUSHI supply chain tech

      A pharmaceutical supply chain platform

      A CMOS terahertz chip company
    • AIplanck

      A industrial SaaS platform
    • Ensenmax

      A VOCs gas monitoring solutions provider

      a Flexible logistics solution provider based on AMR


    • (300005)


      A leading brand of outdoor sports
    • (603588)


      a high-tech enterprise specialized in the environmental technology research and the provision of solutions for pollution control system
    • (603377)

      Eastern Pioneer

      Driving school's first share
    • Bada Garden

      A integrated landscaping enterprise
    • (acquired by Fuchun Technology 300299)


      A game development and business operation company
    • Sun Shine

      A new media film and television company
    • Filtering Garden

      An environmental technology developer
    • Innovative biology

      A company dedicated to microbial fermented feed
    • YINFA Green

      A disposal centre for hazardous and medical waste
    • Reshine New Material

      A battery cathode material production enterprise